meghan hounshell

who she is



And now, a letter of recommendation.


June 24, 1999


To Whom it May Concern:


As an English teacher with a consistently growing pile of papers to grade in front of me, having Meghan Hounshell as a student was a gift.  Why?  Because I looked forward to reading her papers.  They were insightful, intelligently creative and well written.  But all of this aside, the main reason I liked them is because they made me laugh.  Transcending the “student only” category, Meghan is one of the most intelligently humorous people I have ever met.


I first met Meghan during the fall of 1997 in my American Literature class.  Whether it was Huck Finn or Holden Caulfield, she could identify and connect with literary characters on a higher intellectual level than the average student.  She consistently went above and beyond class assignments by directing videos about these characters which were fully enjoyed by the rest of the class for their originality.  One of Meghan’s gifts is the ability to see people, both fictional and real, for who they really are.  She is a great judge of character, yet is still able to treat everyone with the same level of respect.


I have gotten to know Meghan very well over the past two years.  She has a tremendous amount of talent, yet her best quality is that she is an authentic, trustworthy person.  She will add intelligence, warmth and humor to all of her future endeavors.  I strongly recommend her for admission to your institution.




Marjie Bowker

Teacher, Meadowdale High School