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"...Near goth [and] wickedly gloomy, Meghan Hounshell's understatement and timing are unparalleled among her generation of yucksters. I am a sucker for the kind of joke that's a string of one liners, each building on and topping the last, and Hounshell's got that nailed." (Leslie Berman, The Times of Southwest Louisiana, November 17, 2005)

"Meghan Hounshell tore the place up - I mean tore it up..." (

"[Sasafrass & Jezebelle's] Tour Wish List:
1)  Power Steering/AC/CD Player.
2)  G-Lo's Camera Charger
3)  $10,000 Truck Stop Budget
4)  Laptop
5)  Meghan Hounshell..." (Killorn O'Neill and Lizzy Pilcher,

"Last night was the 'Suicide Pie' show for Meghan Hounshell's travel fund... Meghan's a friend and I hope she goes down there and kicks ass in the [competition]... I wish the best to Meghan, and I was happy to perform at her benefit show. She better not f*ck it up." (Geoff Lott,

"...There was no doubt that the first performer of the night, Meghan Hounshell, was going to get the encore point. She is really nailing these performances... Seriously, these songs that she's performing are absolute genius, and she's so compelling and likeable on stage as she's singing them... She hit it out of the park, and that's mighty tough to do when you're up that early. Nicely done, Meghan." (Peter Greyy of, regarding the Seattle International Comedy Competition.)

"I sure am pretty." (Meghan Hounshell,